Founded on the principles of hard work, relentless ambition, and the constant pursuit of excellence, Platinum brands is an agency of change built for agents of change. We are a team of diverse marketing leaders and digital natives, uniquely equipped to guide our partners through an era of fleeting attention and impermanent relevance. Whether it’s building an unforgettable brand, driving awareness, or managing complex crises and reputational challenges, our partners trust us to deliver game-changing results, regardless of the market or the medium. 


Our clients choose to work with us because we get it. We get digital, we get Millennials, and most importantly, we get great stories. Stories that leave a lasting impact. Stories that, quite simply, get results. As an agency, we're a group of perfectionists, eccentric thinkers, go-getters, and media junkies, but at our core, we build brands - whether it be from the bottom up, or from the top onward.




Bianca Lulciuc

Account Executive
"NOTHING is impossible with the right mindset and a little faith."


Jim Shulman

Senior Strategist
"A good restaurant doesn't have pictures of your food on the menu."


Ben Red

Creative Director
"If Cheez-Its ever made a racing team, they'd always come in curd."


Lin Yang

Junior Designer
"I'd tell her to get some sleep or botox or something. I don't know!"



Jake started Platinum Brands in January 2016 from a small desk in his apartment. Since then, the agency has grown to work with a diverse portfolio of brands ranging from newly emerging startups to long-established institutions.

Apart from running the agency, Jake is a serial entrepreneur, avid traveler, and passionate foodie. In his free time, Jake can be found exploring various restaurant scenes, backpacking through Europe, or thinking of the next big idea.